Document & Fax Management

Document Management System (DMS) is a computer system (or computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or video of paper documents. It usually can also track different versions, as amended by tracing the history for different users. Term has some overlap with the concepts of content management systems.

A good DMS will save every version and edit the document in detail the effective life cycle from conception to release the file. You can be absolutely sure that a good document management system ensures that will erase all documents that must be disposed of safely disposing of their corporate standards.

Document management systems can manage documents using computer software. It also includes the management of audio and video files, graphics, photographs, faxes and e-mail. This process is to organize, store, making sure to select the classification and document-based information and media files. The ideal of a paperless office environment can not be achieved, document management systems also need to adapt effectively to meet the n different industries' needs, store, extract and share information with the paper, as well as electronic documents.

Document management systems include document capture using scanners and optical character recognition to convert paper documents into digital data, to implement a document management software to create and manage documents and data base management and workflow management of systematic information sharing.

Document management systems facilitate the long-term storage of documents. They allow digital archiving, which is to classify and store documents that are currently needed, and those that are obsolete. Exchange of information text, graphics and multimedia format is convenient for easy access via the Internet or a corporate intranet, according to personal needs and priority. Documnet management system allows the systematic indexing of documents, making it easier for the user to identify and locate the appropriate document request. It also reduces man-hours needed to manage documents.

A good document management system for effective management is the key documents, as well as to strengthen communication and information sharing within the organization.