CRM Development

CRM or Customer Relationship management is a known business strategy to increase profitability and reduce costs. Of course, every business person will be interested in cutting production costs to maximize return on investment. Daksh IT Solutions brings to you the most excellent applications for CRM Development. This allows the areas of customer support, marketing and sales to make quick but informed decisions on up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. CRM development is the best strategy to fight with cut-throat competition and allows you to enjoy sky-rocketing heights by implementing competitive tactics.

Customer is the most important factor of any business, and relationship with new and prospective customer is even more important. Solutions via Customer Relationship Management or CRM software applications have always played an important role in overall business growth. At Daksh IT Solutions, we understand our every customer's business logic and have provided them with specific tailored made solutions with custom CRM development.

Ventes CRM Development or Ventes Customer Relationship Management is a full-featured and 100% open source software perfect for medium and small businesses. We provide you with straight forward integration and installation of Sales Smart Customer Relationship Management with all necessary and executable files. The installer will automatically manage the setup of Web Server, Database and other software. It provides add-ons to your business with the help of latest features.

CRM Software Features:

  • Personal Details with photo
  • Qualifications
  • Contact Details both Temporary and Permanent
  • Emergency Contact(s)
  • Dependents
  • Job Information
  • Salary Information
  • Employee Reporting Structure (Assign Supervisors and subordinates)
  • Memberships
  • Training Courses
  • Leave Summary
  • Leave List (Applied, Approved, Rejected or Cancelled leave)

Employee Self Service :

Employee self service enables employees to view and perform tasks relevant to them like.

  • Updating personal Information
  • View leave quota
  • Submit & view personal leave applications & calendar
  • Submit time sheets
  • Perform daily Punch in/out

Performance Module :

This module deals with the process of generating performance appraisals for employees. Admin can create employee's performance review. It can communicate company's expectations effectively. The module has facility to define key performance indicators for each job title.

Features :

  • KPI (Key performance indicator )List
  • Add KPI
  • Copy KPI
  • Add Reviews
  • Search Reviews
  • Scale employee performance

Recruitment Module :

Recruitment is one of the most important process in an establishment and it takes much time & talent to sort the required qualification. This module has been programmed to make these things easier. Recruitment can be done online.

  • Uploading online applications with eligibility criteria.
  • Receive online job applications
  • Configurable application forms and emails
  • Short list and schedule interviews with email notifications
  • Request for approval for hire with email notifications

Reports Module :

Customized reports can be generated from this report module from a range of criteria. Reports can be saved for future and they can be extracted into Excel, access and CSV files.

Employee Record :

HR-Payroll software developed by Websoftex Software Solutions helps you track all the standard employee information, including addresses, phone numbers, dependents, emergency contacts, salary and position history, and even notes. You can add more categories in this record.

Dashboard :

The dashboard gives the latest updates you have made in the software, like the recent employees you've added, files uploaded, or reports created.

PTO (Paid time off )Tracking :

HR-Payroll software is much better than spreadsheets to maintain PTO, as it saves time and effort. Employees can request time off, managers can approve or decline the requests, and HR-Payroll software tracks accruals, balances, and more.

Training Tracking :

Training Tracking is another important feature that HR-Payroll software provides. You can set due dates and alerts to monitor things closely. This software can display the training status for your employees when they log in so they can take responsibility for completing their own requirements.

Benefit Tracking :

This module is used for easily tracking the eligibility and enrollment dates and other employee and company contributions. An option of history is there for admin to see at a glance who signed up for which and when.

Online Document Storage :

Admin can store company forms, applications, training docs, health forms, employee handbooks, performance reviews, and much more in your own secure, online system.