Magento Ecommerce

Magento is an open source ecommerce software that uses the Zend Framework. It is very effective in delivering a shopping cart development solution. There are many ways to build an ecommerce website. For example it is possible to do so using a framework of your own like CodeIgniter or Cakephp. There are also several other open source softwares available like Zen Cart and osCommerce which have been around for a lot longer than Magento. However highlights about Magento are as below:

  • Magento includes many features to start with. Many other shopping carts require additional modules to be installed. It is not so in Magento. Magento has several of the main modules pre-installed with feature to install more.
  • Magento offers standard payment gateway options.
  • There are also many shipping options available.
  • Magento has also streamlined product data entry making it easier to enter products.

Features of Magento :

  • It gives complete flexible functionality over look, online store and content.
  • Magento gives extensible incorporation on backend systems like ERP and CRM. You can use effective plugin like to make simple check out process use One-Step-Check-out.
  • You can set multiple images per product with zoom in facility.
  • It supports for multiple currencies (country specific, if you have international market).
  • Magento includes product comparison, reviews on products and filter products as per custom search.
  • As far as shipping term concern, it gives you free shipping option with shipping on various addresses in one order.
  • It gives multiple payment options with configuration authority and fund capturing facility.
  • Last but not the least, as per Google rules, you can include meta information per product and categories. Moreover, you can rewrite the url.

Remarkable benefits of Magento :

  • You have no need to check your stock manually, we will set it on automatic mode. So it will show up to date stock information.
  • Real time functionality like reordering process and stock control.
  • Automatically maintain and hold all customer details.
  • Effective, professional, economical and extensible.
  • All the reports are maintained accurately and up to the time
  • Admin take less time to check all the details and no need for large staff to handle orders and it is possible through the independent system.