PPC Management

In Online Digital Marketing, Pay per Click is recognized as a most swift tool that delivers instant results. The outcome of these results come in the form of increased traffic increased number of queries; and increased sales volume. But unlike Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click is not free. There is a cost attached to it as the keywords that are used in a particular campaign are bided online at different prices.

Owing to its unique trait of immediate response and effective impact, Pay per click Management service is catching up with business community across sectors. The various steps our PPC service includes:

Keyword Research

The first and foremost task of a Pay per Click campaign is Keyword search. And in this regard, our proficient PPC management team helps you find most appropriate keywords that are associated with the products or services that you deal in.

Ad Creation

Creating an Ad is similar to the conventional way of advertising. To complete this process we have experienced copy writers and graphic designers to write some catchy lines and draw vibrant graphic, respectively. These ads are created with a view to attract the attention of the target audience.

Landing Page Development and Maintenance

Landing Page is the page of your website where traffic is routed for some specific action or objective. Now, the objective of this crowd can be many: Information; Research; Spying; or Deal. So, it is important your Landing Page should be out of clutter and show the required information in appropriately.

Account Management

Account management includes the setting up of campaign, optimization of campaign and various other activities. Among others, there are two significant activities:

Tracking Installation and Testing

To track the amount of traffic coming to your website, we install Google Analytic, Call tracking and other tracking tools that in return helps in segregating visitors into different class like Most important, Important, and least important.

Monitoring Performance

Once your campaign is started, our PPC experts do a constant vigil and keep track of campaign performance on daily basis. With this continuous monitoring you can see the progress of your campaign and in case it is gradual, we can provide some impetus by adding some innovative and advanced techniques.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click :

  • Reduce cost
  • Immediate search visibility
  • Increase depth of keyword targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Testing capability
  • Increase organic click
  • Set your own budget
  • Small initial investment

Hire our PPC management company and have following advantages :

  • Cost effective PPC services.
  • Unlimited Keywords targeting to send top results
  • Target multiple devices
  • Custom bid optimization
  • Target direct marketing and also target custom location
  • Custom Landing page optimization
  • Create PPC advertisement
  • Remarketing based promotion
  • Dynamic searching Ads
  • Ads for Product Listing

Our PPC management services will help to improve business by useful management services. We will provide you monthly or weekly report so you can analyze.