Logo Design

Logo is a distinctive graphical symbol which is used by one business organization or enterprise to uniquely identify the products or services and distinguish them from the others. It is easier on the part of the consumers to recognize a unique logo rather than the name of an organization. This is why logo design has become an essential aspect in the success of the business organization. A good logo design always attracts attention. Such as Nike, Mercedes, BMW, Arrow, McDonald's, Windows, etc.

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult pertaining to perfection. The logo also known as ideogram is the image embodying an organization. Logos are meant to represent brands of a company or corporate identities. As promotion of immediate customer recognition is the purpose of these logos, it is important for the same to be simple. We provide logo design services keeping in mind the key elements such as computer, graphic design software and a creative skill.

While providing logo designs we strictly follow copyright issues and legal aspects pertaining to this visual medium. It is also an essential part of logo design. According to copyrights act a logo or a graphical symbol may be made to be copyright, The ® and TM symbols are seen generally with logo. It stands for Registered Trademark. The TM symbol may be used when trademark rights are claimed in relation to a logo, but the logo has to be registered with the government trademarks office to get the ® symbol fixed to it.

The law considers a trademark to be a form of property. The Intellectual Proprietary rights in relation to a trademark may be established through actual use in marketplace, or through registration of the logo with the trademarks office of a particular jurisdiction. The jurisdiction also allows the owner of a registered trademark to prevent unauthorized use of the logo in relation to products or services which are similar to the "registered" products or services and in certain cases, prevent use in relation to entirely dissimilar products or services. We at Daksh IT Solutions. keep in the mind the legal bindings while designing the logo.

Your benefits of having Static Website :

  • Easy to design
  • Easy navigation and browser compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Changes can be done in the layout as and when required
  • Fast downloading of brochures or images
  • All browser compatible and enlightening website design.